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At XYZ Seed Grower we provide XYZ vegetable and herb seeds for the wholesale and XYZ grower market.
Our experienced and dedicated staff insure that seed is grown, harvested and cleaned to the highest standards and shipped worldwide in a timely manner.

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XYZ Seed Grower is a small organization, we do our best to produce high quality commercial seeds for farmers. From the last 2 years we are growing various varieties of commercial seeds. Our goal is to create and produce superior hybrid varieties that are profitable to producers in the world.

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Certified XYZ Seeds Grower


AAC Brandon is especially attractive to wheat producers in our high yielding area of the Prairie. It is a short, strong strawed variety with good FHB resistance.


CDC Copeland has a yield advantage to the AC Metcalfe with good kernel plumpness and weight. It also has an intermediate resistance to the surface-born smuts.


This a medium height variety with one of the best lodging resistance ratings. Seed weight is less than CDC Saffron but has medium protein content and good cooking quality.