Konnerth Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm that focuses on helping companies prepare for and execute their growth strategies. We drive results through tailored services and cross-functional expertise in quality program management, operational controls and organizational effectiveness in the areas of: Business Analysis, Process Risk Assessments, Quality Systems, Quality Audits, Organization Assessments and aligning Org-culture with Business Strategy.

Konnerth Consulting brings the experience, services and resources of two very responsive and flexible firms together.

  • Darrough Consulting Services, a leader in liaison tactics for biotechnology, trait, genetic, and agri-business information reporting software. DCS has successfully serviced trait and genetic providers, seed companies, dealers, and growers since 2008.
  • R. Alexander Associates, a leader in building programs that align human resources, business processes and leadership development in the following industries Telecom, Health Insurance, Pharma, Retail and non-profits since 1997.


Danielle Konnerth, CEO

20 years Seed Industry Focus

Danielle established Darrough Consulting Services LLC with a keen understanding of the demands on large and small seed companies to provide verifiable seed and grower data to meet EPA Regulations. Her appreciation for the challenges of reporting, track and trace, inventory controls, invoicing and customer data led her to developing web based solutions. SEEDS and GPOS are affordable web-based business tool. In addition, she brings:

  • Experience within an Ag distributor (Implemented and Trained customized ERP and established ERP program), Trait Provider- Licensing division (Developed GPOS reporting model, Royalty and contract compliance),
  • Trait provider recommends to licensees for Stewardship and Compliance Support (Trait and Genetic Reporting-for Licensee), IPSA, new trait provider trait and genetic established program, interviewed over 100 seed companies for necessary tools and industry needs
  • Trait and genetic audit; SOP-seed treatment; QMS- seed production process
  • Internal ISO audit training
  • ISO Lead QMS Auditor Certification-Dec 2011
  • ISO Lead Auditor 14001 certification

Lex Konnerth, CIO

Brings over twenty-five years’ experience in a variety of industries including: Business Leadership Development (not-for-profit); US Aerospace/Defense; High-tech; Retail/Wholesale; Education-University; Information/Publishing/Media; broad Healthcare – hospital, insurance, pharmaceutical and retail and Agri-business.

Lex’s main areas of expertise lie in the development and coordination of effective Organization Development and Transformational Change Management strategies, which promote strategically focused, collaborative corporate culture and integrated organizational branding.

Lex managed, led and coached colleagues in the areas of learning, organizational behavior and project management. Certified in Total Quality Management facilitation and enterprise wide quality initiatives (e.g.: Six-sigma/lean enculturation and Action Workout/high performance teams), organizational and individual need assessments, 360/competency based performance management methods (Lominger and PDI certified), and Quality process risk assessments, Lex has been instrumental in helping companies bridge their strategic business initiatives with their human resource programs.