Tecnoseeds provides services to a growing number of companies, both at the domestic and international levels. Tecnoseeds strives to meet costumer needs, by being the most reliable, open and flexible company in the market.


Our respect for our employees, our customers and the environment makes us a company that not only cares deeply about everything it does, but we’re a company that has earned the respect of the seed community as a whole.


At Tecnoseeds, we put a lot of thought into how we operate and serve our customers. By using the newest technology and constantly thinking of ways we can better serve our clients, Technoseeds is continually striving to do things differently and be a leader in the field.


Our clients know they can count on us to serve them in a variety of capacities. We provide our clients with an experience that not only fulfills, but exceeds, their expectations in quality and cost.


Our employees and our clients are our most important assets. We hold them in the highest regard at all times and in all situations, and that’s why they trust us. The Tecnoseeds team has earned the trust of the global seed sector as a result.


People around the world depend on Tecnoseeds to provide them with the best in seed production services. In each stage of the process, our services must meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. It’s something we don’t take lightly.

  1. Murphy

    Ruta 33 Km. 647 Murphy
    Santa Fe, Argentina

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  2. Pergamino

    Ruta 32 Km. Pergamino
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  3. Venado Tuerto

    Ruta 33 Km. 80 Venado Tuerto
    Santa Fe, Argentina

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  1. Uberlandia

    BR-050, 501
    Uberaba, Brazil

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