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ISTA ACCREDITATION PROGRAMME PASSPORTTO HIGHER QUALITY SEED I N T E R N A T I O N A L S E E D T E S T I N G A S S O C I A T I O N SEED TESTING COMPETENCE IN ISTA-ACCREDITED LABORATORIES ACROSS THE GLOBE The aim of ISTA Accreditation is to evaluate whether a seed testing laboratory is technically competent to carry out seed testing procedures in accordance with the ISTA Rules. Accredited laboratories must have a quality management system fulfilling the requirements of the ISTA Accreditation standard. ISTACOUNTSOVER130ACCREDITED LABORATORIES IN MORE THAN 60 COUNTRIES.Europe South America North America Asia Pacific Africa ISTA CERTIFICATES VISAS FOR INTERNATIONAL SEED TRADING Only ISTA-accredited laboratories are authorised to issue ISTA Certificates for seed analysis. By reporting seed test results on ISTA Certificates the issuing laboratory assures that the sampling and testing has been carried out in accordance with the ISTA Rules. ISTA Certificates are accepted by many authorities and are mentioned into the Seed Act of several countries. The ISTA Certificates are assuring that the test results are reproducible true and represent the quality of the seed. An Orange International Seed Lot Certificate is issued when both sampling from the lot and testing of the sample are carried out under the responsibility of an ISTA-accredited laboratory. A Blue International Seed Sample Certificate is issued when sampling from the lot is not under the responsibility of an ISTA-accredited laboratory. Therefore the results obtained by the ISTA-accredited laboratory apply only to the sample and not to the seed lot the sample was taken from. GOOD TO KNOW About 200 000 ISTA Orange International Seed Lot Certificates and Blue International Seed Sample Certificates are issued every year facilitating seed trading internationally. BENEFITS OF THE ISTA ACCREDITATION PROGRAMME FOR THE LABORATORY Evaluate your performance with the Proficiency Test programme. Receive formal recognition and assurance that you perform your work correctly and appropriately. Build the confidence to produce reliable results. Seekperformanceandremainuptodatewithlatesttestingmethods. Develop internal pride and staff motivation. FOR THE SEED SELLER Issue ISTA Certificates and grow your business internationally. Reduce costs by using an ISTA-accredited laboratory to increase acceptance of seed lots. Build on Accreditation to promote your business successfully with your government customers and stakeholders. FOR THE SEED BUYER Expect certainty that the results on the test report correspond to the quality of the seed lot. Abide by the law of several countries where import of seed is only permitted if the seed lot is accompanied by an ISTA Certificate. GREG LOZANO REGIONAL QUALITY MANAGER ASIA-PACIFIC DUPONT PIONEER PHILIPPINES Our TARLAB regional laboratory received ISTA Accreditation in May 2015. This is a major step forward for our company and demonstrates that we perform high quality seed testing. In addition we will be able to issue ISTA Certificates and this will help us grow our business internationally. For us gaining an ISTA Accreditation is gaining a seal of proven world-class quality testing TESTIMONIAL THE TIME NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE ACCREDITATION WILL DEPEND ON THE EXPERIENCE OF THE LABORATORY. ISTA Membership Only Member Laboratories of ISTA may become accredited. ISTA Proficiency Tests Prior to Accreditation applicants must demonstrate their ability to test seeds in accordance with the ISTA Rules by participating in the Proficiency Test programme. Quality Management System Candidate Laboratories are required to establish a quality management system which complies with the ISTA standard. ISTA audit Part of the Accreditation is the on-site assessment. Anexperiencedauditteamevaluatesthelaboratoryscompliance. Accreditation Once the laboratory is accredited it is authorised to issue ISTA Certificates for methods and species covered by its scope of Accreditation. STEP STEP STEP STEP STEP 1 2 3 4 5 HOW TO BECOME ISTA-ACCREDITED THE 5 STEPS TO ISTAACCREDITATION GOOD TO KNOW ISTA developed its unique methodology for Proficiency Test programme. It is mandatory for ISTA-accredited laboratories to participate in Proficiency Tests. It is volontary for non-accredited laboratories who can benchmark themselves with ISTA-accredited laboratories and prepare for Accreditation. Changing the scope of Accreditation is possible at any time. Re-accreditation audits take place every three years to check whether laboratories are following the ISTA Accreditation standard. ANNETTE BTTNER-MAINIK HEAD OF SEED TESTING LABORATORY AGROSCOPE SWITZERLAND TheseedtestinglaboratoryofAgroscope is ISTA-accredited since 1999 and recently received its 6th re-accreditation. Working in accordance to the Rules and Accreditation of ISTA ensures high quality standards which our clients trust in. My team and I are proud to belong to an acknowledged network of experts in seed testing and to demonstrate our performance every day. TESTIMONIAL I N T E R N A T I O N A L S E E D T E S T I N G A S S O C I A T I O N WWW.SEEDTEST.ORG FOLLOW ISTA ON